Founded in 1997, SweetWater has taken pride in being Atlanta’s first microbrewery. Since then, the brand has grown beyond the perimeter into a Southern Staple for the beer industry. But with rising popularity in micro-brewed beer, the historic brand sought to innovate and pave way for a hazy new product.

In partnership with 22Squared, New Uniform Design was tasked to develop an impactful brand identity for SweetWater’s most ambitious beer release to date, G13 IPA. And with more beers to come, SweetWater needed an overarching identity: 420 Strain. This was developed to set the beer apart as its own identity from the rest of the brand.

As one of the first cannabis-inspired beers to be released to the consumer market, this was a huge stepping stone in the brewery’s product history. The design needed to stand out as its own, while also giving a hint-and-nod to it’s brand’s origin and identity. Thus, the ‘smoked-out’ fish came to fruition.

Can Design

The identity took form into many shapes and sizes, all ensured to feel cohesive.

Take two and pass.